Hello, lover of stories.

And welcome to my little corner of the internet. I built it to hold the Antiverse - but what exactly is that?

The Antiverse is the world where all of my books take place. Beginning in a recognizable near future with Deadzone Mercenary, it marches across centuries and eventually, millennia. Each series in the Antiverse features different characters and a unique storyline. But they are tied together by threads of plot, locale, technology, heredity and the drive to survive as a species.

The first arc of the Antiverse chronicles humanity's descent into oblivion here on earth. It envisions a scenario where there is no great war or apocalyptic event. Instead, civilization slowly fragments as resources grow scarce and communication erodes. Nations close themselves off and then shatter again, into ever smaller pieces with no knowledge of the others.

In this new landscape, there are pockets of high technology and regions where it is entirely absent. These stories occur in the margins between them, when societies from opposite ends of the spectrum meet for the first time.

And speaking of time, it plays a big part as well. The plot of one series becomes the backdrop for the next. Scientific breakthroughs become core technologies. Thriving cities become abandoned monuments. My goal was to create echoes that would carry through the years, long after those who voiced them were gone.

It all sounds a bit melodramatic, doesn't it? And it's true that an element of sadness runs through this first arc, as humanity realizes that the earth is finite. But these books are also lighthearted adventures full of action, humor and colorful characters. Because with the apocalypse at hand, I wanted to have some fun in the ruins.

Hopefully you will too.