9TH PYRAMID – the Live Soldier prequel

Fade should be the perfect spy.

Deployed in tank grown bodies, with no memory of his real life, he is incapable of naming his employer under torture. Even his true gender is just a guess. He has been a husband and a wife, fathered children and given birth to them, all in pursuit of corporate secrets. And when the job is done, he can return to his forgotten flesh, leaving another broken family in his wake.

But Fade is slipping. Once a master of the slowburn, he has come to dread each new seduction, each fresh lie and manipulated partner. And he can’t stop falling in love.

So when he awakens in a soldier’s body adrift on the Mediterranean, the change of pace comes as a relief. Wet ops assignments have a brutal honesty to them, at least. The only problem is, Fade’s new mission would seem to call for the impossible.

On this planet and above it, there is only one place no spy has ever infiltrated. PyramID. World’s largest mega-structure and only self-sustaining arcology. A floating technological marvel, closed off from the rest of humanity for more than 200 years. That is where Fade needs to go – stepping over the backs of failed agents all the way.

But the real trick, he soon discovers, will be getting back out again…


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