Ten years ago, a meteor storm strafed the earth with deep space shrapnel. In the aftermath, crash sites around the world began to drop off the global communications grid.


Most of these Deadzones were claimed by cartels and warlords. The low orbit corporates use others for weapons testing. And biosphere mutations have altered some beyond recognition.

The Chain is a mercenary guild specializing in Deadzone ops. Its members bow to no country, have no commanding officers, and choose their own missions. The Chain has just one rule: once you go in, you don't come out until the job is done.

For two years, Blair has been stalking the margins of a notorious Deadzone, trying to find a way in. Now the guild is offering to get her over the border… for a price. A handful of missions is all they ask. Survive them, and Blair will get her shot. But she'd better decide fast, because the hoverboat is waiting.




This box set includes:

LIVE SOLDIER - 300 pages of apocalypse and urban combat

WAR STAR - 265 pages of biotech and virtual worlds

DARK ARMY - 280 pages of uprisings and aerial dogfights (Just Released)

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A month from now, I will be a marine with a government camera in my eye. But today I sell drugs to plastic celebrities in the clouds. Not the most honest of professions, I know. But this world is broken, and although my city presents a glittering face to the ruins, surviving here is dirty work.

Far below the movie sets and the body mod studios, another city exists. A place of flooded streets and tainted air. You wouldn’t want to live there – no one does. So can you blame me for torching my morals in return for a glimpse of the sun?

But I’m about to make a mistake. Crash the wrong party, sell a good time to bad people, implicate myself in an attack on high society. And the violence won’t end there. The poor will be accused of revolt against the rich, and to atone for our supposed sins, we will be surgically altered and trained for battle.

The task ahead of us sounds insane. Infiltrate the island stronghold of the planet’s most advanced genetic engineer. Learn its weaknesses, and lead an army to conquer it. Insane? Scratch that, it sounds like suicide. Except for one thing. That geneticist is known as the Designer, and I was his first creation…

Welcome to my origin story.

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To clarify, I never asked for an origin story.

Why would I? Beginnings demand endings, and heroes die alone. 

But for better or worse I’m the Live Soldier now, and there is still work to be done. The last bastions of civilization are going dark, and we need to find out why. 

From the Thresh, through a virtual world torn by civil war, to a city stripped of its name, we will chase answers. But the truth is rarely a tame creature, and friends will be lost in the pursuit.

My path is set, though. In fact it’s amazing how fearless you can be, when millions of people are analyzing your every move. The only question is, will you be one of them?

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I’m in a bad way. Down and out, clinging to life, running from an enemy who seems invincible.

But you already knew that.

Well here’s something you don’t: it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Very soon now, I will be captured. Conditioned to servitude, and sent to a slave city with an ancient secret. And all before breakfast, too.

But I do have one thing going for me. I’m the goddamn Live Soldier, and I know how to turn apocalypse into opportunity.

Welcome to my endgame.

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9TH PYRAMID – the Live Soldier prequel

Fade should be the perfect spy.

Deployed in tank grown bodies, with no memory of his real life, he is incapable of naming his employer under torture. Even his true gender is just a guess. He has been a husband and a wife, fathered children and given birth to them, all in pursuit of corporate secrets. And when the job is done, he can return to his forgotten flesh, leaving another broken family in his wake.

But Fade is slipping. Once a master of the slowburn, he has come to dread each new seduction, each fresh lie and manipulated partner. And he can’t stop falling in love.

So when he awakens in a soldier’s body adrift on the Mediterranean, the change of pace comes as a relief. Wet ops assignments have a brutal honesty to them, at least. The only problem is, Fade’s new mission would seem to call for the impossible.

On this planet and above it, there is only one place no spy has ever infiltrated. PyramID. World’s largest mega-structure and only self-sustaining arcology. A floating technological marvel, closed off from the rest of humanity for more than 200 years. That is where Fade needs to go – stepping over the backs of failed agents all the way.

But the real trick, he soon discovers, will be getting back out again…

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